The White City – Tel Aviv


  1. Shalom! Mazal Tov on creating this blog! I am thrilled to have come across it (I am an Otzma 12 alum) and I already feel a connection as well as great support. I made Aliyah from Clinton Hill, Brooklyn seven months ago.

    If it will be useful or perhaps entertaining, I would be happy to report from my hometown of Tel Aviv on all my wild and crazy, yet wonderful new immigrant experiences. Since I have arrived, everyday has been an adventure, even while not having placed a foot outside my front (and only)door!

    Michelle Shafran

  2. Shalom

    I have enjoyed reading of your adventure… new husband and I talk about Aliyah….in fact we spent our honeymoon in Israel….so I do know about the questions…….

    keep writing….

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