Israeli Men – Jewish Dating in Israel

Tips for Dating Israeli Men

Read 8 Funny responses to the tips

Living in a war zone can be scary, but dating doesn’t have to be. Hopefully this short clip can bring a small laugh to a very tense situation.


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  1. Ha!

  2. hi!

    I am making aliyah in december 2008 and I am just loving your posts so far! It is really great to hear about the real experience from such a great perspective! I love the bluntness and humor you bring to your writing. I cannot wait for the next post!


  3. NU?

  4. Hello!!

    I absolutely love your posts. . .they are so funny and right to the point!! i am making Aliyah in Decmeber 2008 and at this point i am little freaked out, but i know its what i need to do for myself. Its a relief to read your blog because now i know that i am NOT ALONE IN THIS and my family disagreeging with all of it. please keep writing abot your experiences. . . .



    Hello Aliyah Survival readers,
    I made alyia with NefeshbNefesh in August 2007.
    I wanted to let you know about my ‘mitzvah for singles start up’.
    It’s called Endless Knot – the concept is really basic, I listen to what people want…and match them to the people they are looking for…
    It is for Olim and Israelis alike – I help you find what you are looking for.

    This is NOT internet based.
    Thanks, Sigal

  6. Congrats to all of you for taking such a courageous step! For those of you who are single, I came across It’s free!

  7. Thanks for sharing your Aliyah with us! Your website is a great resource for Jewish Singles. It’s also great that it is a personalized service and not internet based. Also check out ilana Gutman’s – for serious Jewish singles interested in marriage and long term relationships!

  8. Love your site. Photos are fabulous and the commentary is both informative and witty. Thanks!

  9. First of all, it’s funny to Allah (if you know what I mean 🙂

    As an Israeli man this might sound a bit racist but I can understand why.
    Culture is different, yes.
    Warmer people, yes.
    Bad people, no.

    Let’s Acre ..

    • It is all in good fun. And yes, it is a generalization. Hopefully you are one that proves it all wrong! 😉

  10. CAUTION: Acre is a mixed city populated by Muslim, But who am I to judge.

  11. Great video Jessica! As an Israeli man I must say I agree with MOST of the things you wrote. The best sentence I think is that we like sabres: Ruff from the outside but soft in the inside 🙂

  12. Jessica,
    Very interesting insights (many quite accurate, even with the over-generalization). It was even sharpening my own understanding, as I was away (in the US) for many years.
    I’m not convinced about your generalization about guys’ names ending in i, ie, or y. You need to date many frogs to come to this conclusion 🙂
    Doesn’t that make such a habitual dater into a ‘Player’, too ?

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