The Language – Learning Hebrew


  1. Hey!
    My girlfriend is coming to live with me she is Jewish and whants to learn Hebrew. What is thw easiest and chepeast way.

    • Tell her to do a kibbutz ulpan!! When she comes to israel as a new olim the government pays for it!! It is fun and helpful!

  2. When are you starting again?

  3. I am also learning hebrew bit by bit and these websites have helped me:

    i also have bought a tanakh i read in sometimes but its small print *bummer*

    cheers mate


  4. You can now learn Hebrew online for free and increase your vocabulary with – a dictionary of English & Hebrew terms organized by topic. is a new and one of a kind website to help anyone learn Hebrew quickly. What sets this website apart from other English to Hebrew Dictionaries is that the words are organized into distinct topics, teaching students the most common and useful words in each topic.

    With over 1,000 terms and growing, looks to be the premier thematically organized Hebrew dictionary on the internet. To learn Hebrew, simply go through the terms online and practice with the free online Hebrew flashcards.

    A few of the topics included are:
    * Family & Identity
    * Food & Drink
    * Sport & Exercise
    * Religion
    * Politics
    * Economy & Business
    And much more.

    To study Hebrew online now visit

  5. I have a blog that reviews Hebrew learning resources, free PDFs, books, vocabulary, grammar etc. I also have other interested articles. You can take a look at the reviews and find what works for you. Best of luck learning Hebrew!

  6. I have two, free, sites to learn Hebrew:

    Learn Hebrew Phrases with Audio
    1,200 Hebrew Phrases and Sentences
    Hebrew with Nikud (vowels)
    English translations and transliterations
    54 topics and 152 Printable Study Sheets

    My English Hebrew Dictionary
    Hebrew with Nikud (vowels)
    English translations and transliterations
    Organized by topics with 204 printable study sheets

  7. Hi Eli,

    That’s very godd. There is a very easy and simpe way to learn hebrew for your GF. Lingolearn is an online tutorial site which helps you to learn hebrew very quickly. Here is the url of site .

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