Posted by: aliyahsurvival | February 7, 2017

Chutzpah & High Heels

chutzpah-high-heels-book-white-backgroundI am truly excited to be able to write this blog post! After years of hard work, sweat, and tears, I can finally announce that my book, Chutzpah & High-Heels, is NOW AVAILABLE!

For me this has been a long time coming and a very cathartic experience. While I always knew that this book would be published, the writing process has been a very personal journey. It is now a strange feeling to share some of my most private moments so publicly with the world, but I am truly thankful for your interest in my blog and hope that you will enjoy the book.

Chutzpah & High Heels can be purchased online via Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Smashwords, and the Kobo store.

I will also be looking forward to hearing your thoughts and of course if you have a good review, please add it to Amazon.

Thank you,

Jessica Fishman


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