Posted by: aliyahsurvival | October 14, 2008

Post 13 – The Israeli Bureaucracy

My day of bureaucracy is not as straight forward as you might think. In order to receive my rights from the Absorption Ministry, I need to have already opened my bank account, but in order to open my bank account, I already need my permanent ID and absorption ID and before I get a phone I need both, but I only need one to sign up for Hebrew lessons. It is weird that in the Jewish religion there is no hell, because the Israeli government created a perfect 10the circle for Dante’s Inferno with the absorption process.

I find our that Ester is also up due to our new “friend,” the rooster, and we decide that we should get an early start on struggling through Israel bureaucracy. We decided that this process would be a lot easier to go through together than apart – and this way if one of us begins to falter and doubt our life decision after a few hours of Israeli bureaucracy then we would have the other for support.

For the continuation of this post, please visit The Israeli Bureaucracy – Post 13.

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