Posted by: Jessica Fishman | September 5, 2008

Post 10 – The Move to Israel

“No more than five minutes after the amazing welcome ceremony ended, we were already hit with the notorious Israeli bureaucracy. (It was obvious that this treatment would not last for long.) I believe that the reason Israelis seem so angry all the time is because of all the frustrations caused by the Israeli bureaucratic systems. For instance, every year the Internal Ministry goes on strike. It is not technically a strike, because they are in their offices everyday, but the thing is that they do not actually work. They do not answer phone calls, they don’t return faxes and they do not meet with people; however, no one actually realizes that they are on strike because this condition does not actually deviate from their normal work habits. The oddest part about the strike is that it happens once a year at exactly the same time. It is almost as if it has become a national holiday.”
For the continuation of this post, please visit The Move to Israel – Post 10.



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