Posted by: aliyahsurvival | August 29, 2008

Post 9 – The Move to Israel

“At some point in time, the sleeping pills and the wine must have taken effect, because I woke up groggy, tired and with the worst kink in my neck about a half-an-hour before landing. I was not awoken by the flight attendant announcement to buckle my seatbelt or put my seat in the up-right position, instead, I woke up to the sound of people singing and dancing in the isles of the plane. While some people might consider this to be an amazing and heart-warming experience, please don’t forget my current state. I was hung-over . . . or still drunk for that matter  . . . and people, who in all reality look crazy, are dancing on a plane. I was absolutely in shock by what was going on around me.  Even though I was excited to be moving to Israel and to be making Aliyah, I didn’t feel any need to do the hora and make a fool out of myself. I again decided to leave that to the people wearing the kippas on their heads. I do have to admit that I did get a little caught up in the excitement of everything. After all, I was making one of the biggest moves of my life, what would it hurt if I sang a few songs? (Unfortunately I am tone deaf and I can actually do a lot of damage to peoples’ ears when I sing . ..  uhum .. . try to sing.)”For the continuation of this post, please visit The Move to Israel – Post 9.


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