Posted by: aliyahsurvival | August 21, 2008

Post 8 – The Move to Israel

As anyone who has flown on El Al knows, you have to go through an interrogation before being allowed to reach the ticket counter. I remember the first time I had to undergo this process and I was quite flattered, I thought that they were just really interested in getting to know me and I ended up developing a crush on the glorified flight attended. However, after enduring my plane ride to New York and anticipating a fight about my packed luggage at the desk, I was not in the mood to be interrogated like a terrorist. Luckily however, everything went smoothly – there were no cavity searches and surprisingly no complaints regarding the with the weight of my suitcases (I guess they knew that if I had bothered to pack all of that, then I must really need it or just simply they knew that I didn’t pay for my ticket so that there was no way I would be paying for my luggage). I was then handed my “Aliyah Ticket” – the first and the last free thing I would ever receive from Israel.For the continuation of this post, please visit The Move to Israel – Post 8.


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