Posted by: aliyahsurvival | July 31, 2008

Post 4 – The Aliyah Decision

Even after five years of living in Israel, people still ask me why I decided to move to Israel. While I have a long explanation about coming to visit when I was younger a few times, studying here while I was in college and doing a volunteer program, I don’t think that any of these explanations are the real reason. I think the real reason stems from the fact that I never really felt like I fit-in in the United States.  

While I am sure that my Zionist and Jewish upbringing had something to do with my decision, I don’t think that these reasons are what has kept me here. Because if there is one thing that I have learned over the years, is that you can not survive on Zionism in Israel.

For the continuation of this post, please visit The Aliyah Decision – Post 4.


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